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The Government Inspector

Jul 14 2014 11:00 PM | Fredrika in Events

The Government Inspector by Nicolai Gogol in a version by David Harrower

Russia, 1970. Sex crazed, greedy and idiotic, the local government rules over a bleak isolated town with an iron fist. When they receive warning that an incognito government inspector is en route to investigate, panic duly ensues. This dandified stranger demands bribes, flirts with the mayor’s wife and seduces his daughter. Everyone is riled up but relieved when he finally leaves. But then comes a dismaying letter...

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May 19 2014 12:00 AM | Fredrika in Events

2005 Deryck & Ped created, wrote & directed a fantastic show based on The Eurovision Song Contest.

It was a celebration of 100 years of Sedos & 50 years of Eurovision featuring 18 previous

Eurovision winning songs.

Our determination was to present these songs as near to the original performances as possible –

costumes, hair, movement, dancing & languages had to be just right !

The show was designed to be like a live TV show being broadcast all over the World, with glamorous hosts

& a voice-over commentary by Sir Terry.

The big twist in our show was that 75 members of the audience were arranged as 15 different countries & their votes were cast to Katie & the giant scoreboard, in traditional Euro-fashion, to determine the winner!

“The Eurosedos Song Contest 2005 – The Live Final” was such a huge success, with cast & audiences alike, that, two years later, we wrote a follow-up – “The Eurosedos Song Contest 2007 – The Battle”, in which 6 winners from our 2005 show returned to battle it out with 12 more Eurovision winners.

After featuring 30 previous Eurovision winners, it seemed we had exhausted the idea. Until now ….


Our 2014 even-more spectacular Eurosedos show will showcase Eurovision songs which did NOT win,

but maybe should have!

Seven decades of Eurovision - classic performances for Euro fans & cheesy numbers for the non-Euro folk!

Director Deryck says : “ Hey – the Voting countries are arranged in groups of 5, so why not get a team together?
One of your team will go before a camera & cast your country’s votes in true Eurovision style. You’ll have a ball !

Who wins? You decide ! “

Tues 1st – Sat 5th July 7.30pm (with a matinee at 3pm on Sat 5th)


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In Cahoots - UK Premiere in London (July 8th-12th)

May 16 2014 12:00 AM | Fredrika in Events

The ‘80’s. Australia. Brownies.

There’s probably no badge for this.

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