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August Update

Posted by Simon, 29 August 2012 · 774 views

The last month has been a blur to be completely honest, I've been up to my neck in paper work related to a house sale and I've also been working non stop!

I've managed to find some time to provide an update :)


We are still struggling to get these out of the door at the moment, we're exploring alternative options...

New Navigation Menu

Posted by Simon, 30 July 2012 · 510 views

We're currently working on a new navigation menu for Amdram.net - The Social Network for Amateur Theatre

We apologise for any inconvenience caused whilst we are making these improvements.

We will update you accordingly when the work has been completed

July Update

Posted by Simon, 18 July 2012 · 444 views
As you are no doubt aware, I haven't found time to blog for quite a while so I'm glad that I've found a spare 10 minutes to give an update.


We've tried to improve the quality of the newsletter but as a result of increasing member numbers we're sometimes struggling to get the newsletter out of the door on a weekly...

Amdram.net Launches Youtube Channel

Posted by Simon, 04 January 2012 · 441 views

We're currently in the process of experimenting with Youtube in order to make FAQ and instructional videos that help our members get the most out of Amdram.net - The Social Network for Amateur Theatre.

You can visit our Youtube Channel here or see our first video which provides instructions on how to customise your...

Upgrades To The Classifieds And Links Sections

Posted by Simon, 15 September 2011 · 395 views

Whilst we are keen to keep promoting interest in our new groups functionality, we can lose sight o the need to upgrade other areas of the site.We'll soon be launching new and improved Links and Classifieds sections.We'll be using the Links section to drive a campaign to increase the number of sites that link to Amdram.netWe intend to make the Classifieds...

Our New Drama Groups Functionality

Posted by Simon, 15 September 2011 · 230 views

The most recent upgrade to Amdram.net - The Social Network for Amateur Theatre allowed us to take advantage of some new areas of innovation in the core software that underpins the site.We've migrated all the groups from the old database into the new format.If you're keen to see more then visit: http://www.amdram.ne...ums/groupsWe'll be launching the new...

September Update

Posted by Simon, in Coming Soon 04 September 2011 · 244 views
upgrade, amdram, events, groups and 1 more...
There is a new upgrade to the software that is used to host Amdram.net - The Social Network for Amateur Theatre and we're currently in the process of evaluating it and planning the implementation

We hope to provide the following new features:-

Event Calendars
RSVP on a new event - A useful way of understanding who will be attending the...

July Update - A Taste Of Things To Come!

Posted by Simon, 06 July 2011 · 216 views

I have recently migrated Amdram.net - The Social Network for Amateur Theatre to a new server because I was encountering numerous problems which consumed too much of my time. I wanted to focus on adding new features to the site for the benefit of members and visitors but was unable to do so.

I have now completed the migration, it didn't go quite as...

Script Database Update

Posted by Simon, 30 March 2011 · 198 views

We have been beta testing the new Scripts Database for a while and we are currently working on functionality to "batch upload" scripts into the database.We'd really like to enable Scriptwriters to provide us with a specifically formatted spreadsheet that we can then easily transfer to the site.I'll keep you posted on developments in this...

Scripts Database Beta

Posted by Simon, 04 March 2011 · 253 views

We've been focussing on developing our Scripts Database over the last few months.The initial version of the Scripts Database is now live for beta testing and we'll be looking to create different views of the information that it contains so that it becomes more useful to the community.If you're a member of the Commercial Advertiser group on...