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Jolyon's Theatrical Reviews!

Doctor Who – The Aztecs

  Posted by Amdram, 02 June 2013 · 328 views

As the nation wakes up to news that the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, will be leaving Doctor Who at Christmas, the Jolly Lion reaches the sixth outing of the first season of the series, The Aztecs. time and space The … Continue reading →

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Doctor Who – The Keys of Marinus

  Posted by Amdram, 27 May 2013 · 301 views

Back to DVD for the fifth adventure of the first season of Doctor Who, with a six part journey that appears to have caused the production team no end of challenges. As the TARDIS crew lands on Marinus, they are … Continue reading →

<a href="http://www.thejollylion.com/2013/05/doctor-who-the-keys-of-marinus/ ">Source</a>

Doctor Who – Marco Polo

  Posted by Amdram, 19 May 2013 · 245 views

It’s a good job that the Jolly Lion has been dabbling in the audio dramas like Quinnis and Hunters of Earth alongside the televised adventures. The fourth adventure of Hartnell’s first season is missing from the BBC archives, which leaves … Continue reading →

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Annie Get Your Gun – The Night of Commitment

  Posted by Amdram, 26 April 2013 · 153 views

How committed are you? Sure, anyone can commit to a play. You know, the rehearsing, the learning lines, the run of the show. That’s all part of it, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I knew last night that … Continue reading →

<a href="http://www.thejollylion.com/2013/04/annie-get-your-gun-the-night-of-comm...

Annie Get Your Gun – The Night I Was Asked Out To Play

  Posted by Amdram, 25 April 2013 · 130 views

Ah, text messages. I hate them. You know that person that gets a message and you know they’ve read it. It wouldn’t kill them to acknowledge it. A simple reply, just to show they’ve had it. But then they don’t … Continue reading →

<a href="http://www.thejollylion.com/2013/04/annie-get-your-gun-the-night-i-...

M is for Matinee

  Posted by Amdram, 15 April 2013 · 138 views

You’re either a matinee person or you’re not. This is true of both audiences and performers. As a member of the audience I love a matinee if I’m standing or outdoors. Or standing outdoors. There’s something wonderfully odd about stepping … Continue reading →

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H is for Hatemail

  Posted by Amdram, 14 April 2013 · 205 views

HATEMAIL It is the first card that will haunt me the most. I came home from work, picked up the post and there was a card. Inside was a simple message. It read “STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND”. The next … Continue reading →

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L is for Learning Lines

  Posted by Amdram, 13 April 2013 · 213 views

LEARNING LINES How do you eat yours? I’m a great believer in walking to work with a script in my hand, whether I’m in a play or not. That’s my time for learning lines and that’s my place. It’s the … Continue reading →

<a href="http://www.thejollylion.com/2013/04/l-is-for-learning-lines/ ">Source...

K is for Kettle

  Posted by Amdram, 12 April 2013 · 205 views

KETTLE Behind every great amdram group is a kettle.The kettle is the backbone of the society. Nothing stops a director quicker than a kettle boiling in the corner of the room. The person who boils the kettle usually isn’t afraid … Continue reading →

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J is for the Jolly Lion

  Posted by Amdram, 11 April 2013 · 175 views

THE JOLLY LION There was a time, more than twelve months ago, that this website went by the name of Jolyon’s Theatrical Reviews. That was a rubbish name. Not Jolyon, you understand. Jolyon is a great name. Sure, it’s a … Continue reading →

<a href="http://www.thejollylion.com/2013/04/j-is-for-the-jolly-lion/ ">So...

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