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Welcome to - The Social Network for Amateur Theatre
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    • Fancy a good time?  Fancy being in a show that is NOT your stereotypical pantomime?  Fancy being rude and crude and getting laughed at and applause for it?  Then you're in the right place!  Read on and GET IN TOUCH!

    Deadline for application submission: Midday Tuesday 9th May 2017

    Auditions: 12:30 – 5:30 Sunday 14th April 2017

    Location: SY13 2AS (same for first performances)

    Our Aim:

    A unique adaptation of the classic fairytale, strictly for adults and not for the easily offended. A 17-strong cast is sought for shows beginning in October 2017 (dates to be confirmed). There will be no compensation for the first few shows. However, the aim is to perform between 8 and 10 shows between October and December 2017 at village halls in the Shropshire area, to trial the reception, before taking the performance to major venues throughout 2018. Once in major venues, performances will be paid work.

    We are just starting out in this business but are extremely passionate about entertaining audiences, particularly with laughter. The writer of the production is an experienced writer, who has published several novels. His interest lies in comedy, meaning the show will be great fun to be a part of! On completion of a successful tour, further works will be written (a second already has been) and it would be preferable to develop good working relationships with reliable actors/actresses/stage hands, so that they can be called upon in the future. We're friendly people and we want to find success for us and for you, whilst enjoying ourselves along the way.

    The Show:

    The storyline follows 'Dickey', a cheeky chappy, who is trying to get into Snow White's knickers. The only way he can do that is to become a Prince, as she couldn't settle for anyone less. He embarks on his funny journey to achieve this, and meets several crude and colourful characters along the way! Everyone seems just as they do in the classic telling, until they open their mouths of course! It's fun and laughter all the way, with a bit of rudeness thrown in!

    The show should be around an hour and three quarters in length, depending on whether everybody sticks to their lines! If you make a slight mistake, or forget the odd line, that's okay, just be aware that Dickey will be rushing on stage to jokingly admonish you in front of the audience!

    A Final Word:

    The show has great potential. If we start off small, and gather together a reliable, enthusiastic group, we will only get bigger and better. This is a niche market and if we pull it off, we could really reach a climax.

    Please Note: frequent sexual speak and bad language

    Rehearsal / production dates:

    Rehearsal dates to be confirmed. Performance dates between October and December 2017.

    Characters Sought:


    Snow White

    Female, 18 – 32, youthful, innocent, a delightful girl. Prepared to be flexible. Actress must be able to sing and must also not be a prude. No nudity required but may be required to appear on stage in lingerie.

    Females, aged 18 to 32 from United Kingdom

    Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience

    Maximum Dress Size: 12

    Evil Queen/Old Peddler Woman

    Male or Female, 40 – 55. Prepared to be flexible. Must be comfortable with swearing. An ugly old cow who is mean, haggard, but thinks she is beautiful.

    Any gender, aged 40 to 55 from United Kingdom

    Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience


    Male, 35 – 45. Ideally stocky. Prepared to be flexible. Loyal to the Queen because he has to be but occasionally his real thoughts slip out.

    Males, aged 35 to 45 from United Kingdom

    Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience


    Male, 28 – 35. Smart. Prepared to be flexible. Handsome and dashing would be a plus. The character is a posh, refined person, with a sarcastic tone.

    Males, aged 28 to 35 from United Kingdom

    Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience

    Seven Ugly Bastards

    Unsurprisngly, seven parts available. Prepared to be extremely flexible. Males are mainly sought, but females also considered. Differing heights are ideal. Any ages may apply. These parts feature in the second half of the performance. Some of the parts are very minor but still very much needed. Moderate singing talent is required. These characters have kind but vulgar personalities.

    Any gender, aged 18 to 70 from United Kingdom

    Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience


    Six parts available. Not main parts but still essential to the production nonetheless. Three male (one has leanings towards other men) and three female, 18 - 32. Prepared to be flexible. Females to be comfortable with their bodies, as may be required to be in lingerie. The Villagers will also double/triple up in other minor parts throughout the show.

    Any gender, aged 18 to 32 from United Kingdom

    Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience


    Ideally, the Villagers that are cast will help with some duties backstage. However, if unwilling, the it would be beneficial to have some enthusiastic people on board who have musical backgrounds, and technical experience. If people want to apply for solely backstage work, this is perfectly fine.

    Any gender, aged 18 to 70 from United Kingdom

    Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience


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