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Casting – Gym & Tonic

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The Nomads will be presenting Gym & Tonic by John Godber in March 2019, directed by Andrew Hamel-Cooke.

  • Performance dates: 5-9 March 2019 
  • Rehearsal days: TBC

Don and Shirley Weston have come to the Scardale Hall Health Hydro to relax, pamper themselves and just possible rescue their ailing marriage. Don’s experiences with exercise and therapy are far from positive and the rifts in the marriage widen as his mid-life crisis becomes more and more evident, and moments of reconciliation do little to improve the situation!

Audition dates will be set up in early January 2019 – if you’re interested in getting involved, contact: Andrew Hamel-Cooke, 07747 527180 / nomad.chairman@gmail.com

Characters (inc playing ages)

  • Don Weston – M, 39/40 – unfit
  • Shirley Weston – F, 37 – Don’s wife, overweight and unfit
  • Gertrude Tate – F, 72 
  • Ken Blake – M, 42 – very fit
  • Zoe – F, 27 – fitness instructor, step classes
  • Chloe – F, 23 – attractive masseuse (physical part)
  • Maggie Weston – F, 65 – Don’s mother (small part, one scene unwell)
  • Sam Weston – M, 13 – Don’t son (small scene played by older actor but as a younger version)
  • Shaun – M, 21 – unhappy / uncomfortable stydent, quite fit
  • Bellboy – M, 20 – small part

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