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This event repeats every day until 17/02/18

Based on the smash-hit movie, Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical is the heartwarming, uplifting adventure of three friends, Tick, Bernadette and Adam, a glamorous Sydney-based performing trio who agree to take their show to the middle of the Australian outback.
They hop aboard a battered old bus (nicknamed Priscilla) searching for love and friendship and end up finding more than they ever could have ever dreamed of.
With a dazzling array of outrageous Olivier and Tony award-winning costumes and a hit parade of dance floor favorites including “It’s Raining Men,” “I Will Survive,” “Hot Stuff,” “Boogie Wonderland,” “Go West,” “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” and “I Love The Nightlife,” this wildly fresh and funny musical is a journey to the heart of FABULOUS!

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Open auditions for our coming project 1307. 

This drama, centering on theories and legends surrounding the inquisition against the medieval Knights Templar. 

We are working from the same script; to perform a full length theatre show, as well as recording a radio drama, and dramatising part of the script into a 10 min film. 

*** DOWNLOAD AUDITION PACK FROM OUR MAIN WEBSITE: http://www.southdevonplayers.com/auditions.html ****

*This project takes three forms with the same script and cast: 

1- Full length scripted theatre drama for stage
This is to be performed in and around Torbay, and Plymouth, in 2018. We are also looking into the possibilities of performing in Bristol, where part of the drama is set. 

2- Full length scripted and dramatised radio drama for local radio 
Recording to take place on at local radio station for subsequent broadcast. This will then pass back to us for online distribution, to create (we hope!) profit shares for everyone. This will be a single day, or two half-days of audio recording in Paignton, Devon

3- Short 10-min film (adapted from the above script) 
We are using part of the script, from the 1307 dawn raid on the Paris Temple, onwards, to create a short film, This will be filmed on location in Devon and Cornwall, with one short additional scene in Bristol. Actors doing the theatre show and radio play have priority on these roles, but if not able to appear in the film, we will be open to casting differently for this. 

Nb: with this project, we do need the full length cast to be the same for radio and theatre. Ideally we would like to cast the same actors in the same roles for the short film, but are open to changes if someone is unavailable for filming. 

****Synopsis of production****
In October 1307, an inquisition was called against the powerful, and international organisation, which had grown up from a religious order of warrior monks, during the medieval Crusades, who are now famed in legend as the Knights Templar., or more properly “The Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon”. Accused of heresy, and confessing under torture, their Grandmaster , was burned at the stake in 1314. 
In the centuries since, myths, legends, theories and questions grew and remain. Were the Knights Templar heretics? They certainly had secrets, with guarded secret initiations; but what was their secret? Were they simply fanatical medieval Christian crusaders who had grown too powerful for their own good, around whom a mythos had grown? Were they guardians of an ancient Holy secret that the church in Rome needed to destroy? 
1307 is based on those legends, and one line of theory. Beginning in the fall of Acre, on of the last Crusader ports, in a dramatic siege in 1291, in what is now modern-day Israel, and continuing to medieval Paris, and thence to England, and linking to legends in the Southwest of England, surrounding the Knights Templar, this drama follows a Templar knight, Hughes, and his secret. 
This is a heavily researched historical drama, about what might have been. 

In light of modern-day politics and issues, we want to make it abundantly clear that this production has no intended racial or religious bias, nor will any such inference be tolerated from anyone linked to the production. Characters opinions, allegiances, religious and political beliefs are those of the characters only, and where possible, are the known stances of the historical figures in person, as much as can be ascertained from historical research and records. There is good on all sides and bad on all sides. This production is not linked to any neo-Templar organisations. 

Rehearsal dates: Wednesday evenings 7pm - 9.30pm, Sundays 12.30pm - 5pm. 
at Chestnut Community Centre, 1-3 Poplar Close, Brixham, Devon, TQ5 0SA, the same as the auditions. For this reason, priority will be given to performers who live in the South Devon region. Please note that you will be expected to attend regular rehearsals. 

Due to previous incidents we need to state that
1) All cast will need to be able to attend regular rehearsals, and to be able to learn characterisation, lines and blocking, 
2) Actors will be required to wear costumes
3) All people in the production are expected to adhere to socially acceptable behaviour at all times. 
4) We welcome performers of all backgrounds. 
5) Performances are on an open-book equal-profit share basis. 

More about us: 

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Telling the story of Rudyard Kipling sending his 17 year old son, Jack, to war in 1915, the drama covers three periods. 
1913 : the conflict between 15yr old Jack - with defective vision but desperate to get away from home - and his father's determination to send him to war. 
1915 : when Jack, despite his defective vision and aided by his father’s influence, does go to war.  
1924 : Kipling and his wife interview soldiers from Jack's regiment in search of news. 
This emotional and highly charged drama is the account of the anguish at the heart of a man whose storytelling continues to delight millions the world over.
Tickets: £12.50 | £11.50 Concession (Concession Weds & Thurs only)

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This light period comedy explores the bizarre antics of the middle class, ultra-Bohemian Bliss family. Judith Bliss is a retired actress to whom all the world is literally a stage. The play takes place over a summer weekend in the mid 1920’s and follows the catastrophic and dramatic effect the family have on their four individually invited house guests.The writing is brilliant and a fine example of the camp, sarcastic, acidic humour for which Coward was renowned.
Tickets are £9(concessions £8) from www.staffordgatehousetheatre.co.uk or 01785 619080
For more information check out www.staffordplayers.co.uk or follow on www.facebook.com/StaffordPlayers or Twitter@staffplayers

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This event repeats every day forever

The Three Musketeers is an action packed, family pantomime, touring in Jan 2018. Based on the classic swashbuckling novel by Alexandre Dumas, this panto tells this classical tale set in the 17th Century French royal court, and how a young man from the country joins the royal guards, while foiling a plot to depose the King, with plenty of laughter, dance, song, - and epic sword fights from our trained fight team. 

A professional theatre and film team bring this show to the stage for your delight this winter! from a nationally award-winning theatre and film company, of local actors and creatives

Online ticket booking: http://www.southdevonplayers.com/box-office.html , or you can text 07855 090589, to reserve. 

Torquay Dates: 
Jan 21st - 2.30pm and 7pm

Torquay Venue: 
St Matthews Church
St Matthew's Rd, 
Torquay TQ2 6JA

Torquay Prices: 
Adults £7
Concs (5.00)

For more info on us: __________________

Facebook & Twitter: @sdevonplayers
Instagram: sdevonplayers1
email southdevonplayers@gmail.com
Youtube: southdevonplayers

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