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Based on the smash-hit movie, Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical is the heartwarming, uplifting adventure of three friends, Tick, Bernadette and Adam, a glamorous Sydney-based performing trio who agree to take their show to the middle of the Australian outback.

They hop aboard a battered old bus (nicknamed Priscilla) searching for love and friendship and end up finding more than they ever could have ever dreamed of.

With a dazzling array of outrageous Olivier and Tony award-winning costumes and a hit parade of dance floor favorites including “It’s Raining Men,” “I Will Survive,” “Hot Stuff,” “Boogie Wonderland,” “Go West,” “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” and “I Love The Nightlife,” this wildly fresh and funny musical is a journey to the heart of FABULOUS!
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This light period comedy explores the bizarre antics of the middle class, ultra-Bohemian Bliss family. Judith Bliss is a retired actress to whom all the world is literally a stage. The play takes place over a summer weekend in the mid 1920’s and follows the catastrophic and dramatic effect the family have on their four individually invited house guests.The writing is brilliant and a fine example of the camp, sarcastic, acidic humour for which Coward was renowned.

Tickets are £9(concessions £8) from www.staffordgatehousetheatre.co.uk or 01785 619080

For more information check out www.staffordplayers.co.uk or follow on www.facebook.com/StaffordPlayers or Twitter@staffplayers
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Telling the story of Rudyard Kipling sending his 17 year old son, Jack, to war in 1915, the drama covers three periods. 

1913 : the conflict between 15yr old Jack - with defective vision but desperate to get away from home - and his father's determination to send him to war. 

1915 : when Jack, despite his defective vision and aided by his father’s influence, does go to war.  

1924 : Kipling and his wife interview soldiers from Jack's regiment in search of news. 

This emotional and highly charged drama is the account of the anguish at the heart of a man whose storytelling continues to delight millions the world over.

Tickets: £12.50 | £11.50 Concession (Concession Weds & Thurs only)



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Open auditions for our coming project 1307. This is to be performed in and around Torbay, and Plymouth, in 2018. We are also looking into the possibilities of performing in Bristol, where part of the drama is set. 
2- Full length scripted and dramatised radio drama for local radio 
Recording to take place on at local radio station for subsequent broadcast. This will then pass back to us for online distribution, to create (we hope!) profit shares for everyone. This will be a single day, or two half-days of audio recording in Paignton, Devon

3- Short 10-min film (adapted from the above script) 
We are using part of the script, from the 1307 dawn raid on the Paris Temple, onwards, to create a short film, This will be filmed on location in Devon and Cornwall, with one short additional scene in Bristol. Actors doing the theatre show and radio play have priority on these roles, but if not able to appear in the film, we will be open to casting differently for this. 

Nb: with this project, we do need the full length cast to be the same for radio and theatre. Ideally we would like to cast the same actors in the same roles for the short film, but are open to changes if someone is unavailable for filming. 
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The Three Musketeers is an action packed, family pantomime, touring in Jan 2018. Based on the classic swashbuckling novel by Alexandre Dumas, this panto tells this classical tale set in the 17th Century French royal court, and how a young man from the country joins the royal guards, while foiling a plot to depose the King, with plenty of laughter, dance, song, - and epic sword fights from our trained fight team. 

Online ticket booking: http://www.southdevonplayers.com/box-office.html , or you can text 07855 090589, to reserve. 
Torquay Dates: 
Jan 21st - 2.30pm and 7pm

Torquay Venue: 
St Matthews Church
St Matthew's Rd, 
Torquay TQ2 6JA

Torquay Prices: 
Adults £7
Concs (5.00)

For more info on us: __________________
Facebook & Twitter: @sdevonplayers
Instagram: sdevonplayers1
email southdevonplayers@gmail.com
Youtube: southdevonplayers
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Mother Goose instantly loves Priscilla and agrees she should stay with her, but what she doesn’t know is that the good Fairy Friendship has played a hand in their meeting. For Priscilla is a princess from Goosegog Land and before she can assume her royal duties she must learn the way of mortals. The king and queen ask the fairy to find someone who is kind and true to help Priscilla on her first journey to Earth, and the fairy knows Mother Goose will bring out the best in her.

Everyone is over joyed when Priscilla begins to lay golden eggs, and suddenly Mother Goose is rich and her money troubles are over. However, all doesn’t stay happy for long when the Demon sets his sights on Mother Goose. He taunts the good fairy that he will tempt Mother Goose with greed and resentment, so selfish she’ll become she’ll lead a life of discontentment. The fairy disagrees, and warns the demon not count upon that prize as she hold the key to cause his downfall and demise.

Soon the Demon has his way and tempts Mother Goose with the one thing she doesn’t have and the thing she wants the most, youth and beauty. He persuades her to visit the magic pool and turns her against her dear friend Priscilla. As Mother Goose leaves the pool as a beautiful woman, Priscilla returns to Goosegog land having failed to complete her task.

Everyone wants the old Mother Goose back, but is it too late? Will she realise that beauty is not everything, and get Priscilla back? Or will the Demon succeed in his plan?

Wednesday 24th to Saturday 27th January 2018, Nightly at 7:15pm (Saturday matinee at 2:00pm) at The Assembly Rooms, Bolsover

Tickets £8.00 (Concessions £7.00).
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Cinderella our 53rd annual pantomime at the Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill. Bringing traditional family entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Shows on Friday 12th, 19th and 26th January at 7:30pm and Saturday 13th, 20th and 27th January at 2:00pm and 6:30pm.

Join poor Cinderella as she looks after her Father and step sisters. Luckily for her she has a caring friend called Buttons who playfully nicknames her Cinders. One day she meets a handsome man - but who is he and will she ever see him again? Meanwhile the Prince and his valet Dandini plan a Royal ball and invite everyone but Cinders invitation is torn up by her nasty sisters. Will she go to the ball? Will she meet the handsome man again? Join in the fun and see the compelling magic of Cinderella.

Tickets are £9.00 or £10.00 and can be reserved by calling 01444 242984.
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Featuring Tamzin Roux as Wendy Darling, Greg Harper as Nana Smee, Chloe Sherman as Tinkerbell, and introducing Elise Swain as Peter and Dan Finill as Captain Hook, this is a show not to be missed!
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The Three Musketeers pantomime dates announced for Brixham





The Three Musketeers is an action packed, family pantomime, touring in Jan 2018. Based on the classic swashbuckling novel by Alexandre Dumas, this panto tells this classical tale set in the 17th Century French royal court, and how a young man from the country joins the royal guards, while foiling a plot to depose the King, with plenty of laughter, dance, song, - and epic sword fights from our trained fight team. 
A professional theatre and film team bring this show to the stage for your delight this winter! from a nationally award-winning theatre and film company, of local actors and creatives, starting off in our theatre company's home town of Brixham.
Online ticket booking: 
http://www.southdevonplayers.com/box-office.html , or you can telephone/ text 07855 090589, to reserve. 

Brixham Dates: 
Jan 20th - 7pm
Jan 21st - 2pm and 7pm

Brixham Venue: 
The Edge, 
Bolton Street. 

Brixham Prices: 
Adults £7
Concs (saturday £5.50, Sunday £5.00)

For more info on us: __________________
Facebook & Twitter: @sdevonplayers
Instagram: sdevonplayers1
email southdevonplayers@gmail.com
Youtube: southdevonplayers
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We're looking for someone to play Angel in RENT

Southampton Musical Society are looking for someone to play the role of Angel Dumott Schunard in their forthcoming production of RENT.  Rehearsals are underway so we require someone available to start immediately.

Rehearsals are held in Woolston, Southampton every Tuesday and Thursday evening, 7:30-10:00pm.

The show will be performed at The Point Eastleigh between the 8th and 14th April 2018.

Character requirements:
Stage Age:    early to late twenties
Vocal range:    Tenor with falsetto (C3-A4)

Angel is a young drag queen and street percussionist.  He meets and falls in love with Collins.  He has HIV/AIDS and dies of the disease in Act II.  As a person, Angel is the most generous and selfless character in the show.  Angel hands out money to the neighbourhood while dressed in Santa drag.  Though he has HIV/AIDS, he embraces life and lives it to its fullest. People are naturally drawn to him, and his smile lights up the room.  His death is mourned by all of the characters and eventually inspires them to live each day to the fullest.  Tom and Angel’s relationship is the heart of the show, as the genuine love and devotion they have for one another brings hope and inspiration to the entire group.  They show the world how to truly live life and not be afraid.  

The actor playing this role must be an excellent actor, singer and mover.  He must be comfortable with same sex physical intimacy and a drag queen persona, including dancing in heels.  Percussion skills desired but not required.

If you’re interested in auditioning for us please contact mark.barton-leigh@southamptonmusicalsociety.co.uk 
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Booo! Hisss! Baron Bluebeard - the world's richest man - along with his servant Lurkin, is in town, and has taken a fancy to the young Flora Rockbottom. Thankfully our hero - none other than the brave Robin Reliant - is on hand to save the love of his life. With the help of a pair of hapless servants, Fetch and Carrie, Robin risks the infamous Black Tower to save Flora, her father, and her eccentric sister Ruby. Along the way they encounter a timid French maid called Marie, and sinister housekeeper Mrs Shivers.
Can Robin defeat the evil Bluebeard and save the day? 

Thursday 7th December, 7.30pm - Friday 8th December, 7.30pm - Saturday 9th December, 3pm and 7.30pm

Tickets £10


Group discount - purchase 10 or more tickets (in one transaction for the same performance) and pay £9 each.
If you have any special requirements (wheelchair spaces etc) please contact us via info@guildplayers.org.uk or 020 8346 6337 at time of booking.
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Garden Suburb Theatre presents The Flint Street Nativity by Tim Firth. Miss Horrocks' class of seven year olds is about to perform their Nativity for the proud mums and dads - and the occasional Social Worker. Gabriel wants to be Mary, Herod won't stop waving to his mum and dad, the Inn Keeper is determined to liven up the traditional script and the Stick Insect has escaped… 

The children are played by adults who play their parents in the latter part of the play. Tim Firth's warm and witty play is an ideal alternative to the usual Christmas fare with original lyrics set to the tunes of traditional Christmas carols.

Book now: https://upstairsatthegatehouse.cloudvenue.co.uk/flintst
Tickets £13/£11

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Elf The Musical JR. is based on the 2003 New Line Cinema hit and features songs by Tony Award nominees Matthew Sklar (The Wedding Singer) and Chad Beguelin (Disney's Aladdin On Broadway, The Wedding Singer), a book by Tony Award winners Thomas Meehan (Annie, The Producers, Hairspray) and Bob Martin (The Drowsy Chaperone).

The musical tells the story of a young orphan who mistakenly crawls into Santa's bag of gifts and is transported to the North Pole. The would-be elf is given the name Buddy and raised by elves in the North Pole.  Buddy lives happily unaware that he is actually a human until his enormous size and poor toy-making abilities cause him to face the truth. With Santa's permission, Buddy embarks on a journey to New York City to find his birth father and discover his true identity. Faced with the harsh reality that his father is on the naughty list, and his stepbrother doesn't even believe in Santa, Buddy is determined to win over his new family and help New York remember the true meaning of the holidays
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Huntingdon Drama Club present Arthur Miller’s masterpiece of 20th century drama The Crucible. Premiered in 1953 Miller’s dramatization of the Salem witch trials is a metaphor for Senator Joseph McCarthy’s communist witch hunts that rocked America in the 1950s. Miller’s play (though lukewarmly received on its premiere) has gone on to become his most-performed piece, revived regularly around the world, including recent productions in London at the Old Vic in 2014 and on Broadway in 2016 with British actor Ben Whishaw in the role of John Proctor.  

For this particular production the Club have chosen a venue that will add a certain spice to proceedings. The historic Court Room in Huntingdon Town Hall was built on the site of the 16th century trial of the ‘Warboys witches’. Alice Samuel and her family from the nearby village of Warboys were accused of witchcraft by a neighbouring family in 1589 & by 1593 had been tried & executed in Huntingdon. The intimate wooden court room lends itself perfectly to an atmospheric ‘in the round’ interpretation of the play where audience members will be just inches from the action.

Director Rae Goodwin has assembled a strong cast for the production, a mixture of familiar faces along with a number of actors making their debut performances with the club. The Crucible runs at Huntingdon Town Hall from 21-25 November at 7.30pm. Tickets available from Ticket Source via the club website www.huntingdondramaclub.org.uk, by telephone 0333 666 3366 or on the door. Tickets are limited to 69 per performance so early booking is advised! For more information about the Club and the production, visit the website and the club’s Facebook page.
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 Little Shop of Horrors

Book  and Lyrics by Howard Ashman
Music by Alan Menken
Based on the film by Roger Corman, screenplay by Charles Griffith

On the 21st day of the month of September, in an early year of a decade not to long before our own, the human race suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very existence…”

Seymour Krelborn, an assistant at Mushnik's Flower Shop in downtrodden Skid Row, becomes an overnight sensation when he discovers a strange and exotic new breed of plant life hitherto unknown on this planet . He names it Audrey Two after a glamorous colleague he’s secretly in love with!

Audrey Two quickly starts to wilt, putting Seymour’s job and dreams of a future with Audrey at risk. Accidentally pricking his finger, Seymour discovers Audrey Two needs a little more than plant food to thrive! The plant grows into a bad-tempered, foul-mouthed carnivore whose voracious appetite becomes increasingly difficult to satisfy. How far will Seymour go for the woman of his dreams?

Little Shop of Horrors is a delectable sci-fi horror musical with an electrifying 1960s pop/rock score by the legendary Alan Menken, best known for his numerous Walt Disney film scores, Little Shop of Horrors is a cult film and one of the longest running off-Broadway shows of all time.

For a limited run only, book now to see this monster-hit musical!


Little Shop Of Horrors
8 November – 11 November 2017
Stockwell Playhouse, 208 Wandsworth Road, SE8 2JU, London
7.30pm | £18 | £22+ free programme | Buy 10 tickets for the same performance and only pay for 9
Matinee 2.30pm 11 November- all tickets £16
Running time 2 hours, including 20 minutes interval
Stockwell Playhouse Bar open 30 mins prior to performance, at interval and after show

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Let the Minerva Club take you on a journey to the lush world of the French Riviera.  Where glamour, style and not a little intrigue play side by side.  Meet Lawrence – handsome, debonair and also the best con man in Europe.  Together with his faithful sidekick Andre, Lawrence has spent a lifetime extracting money from “wealthy ladies of a certain age”!  Enter young pretender Freddy – Freddy dreams of being as big a success and so asks Lawrence to be his mentor.  Next up the lovely American Heiress, Christine.  As the two rogues plan to remove her of her wealth, we discover that she may not be all she seems! The plot thickens! To find out how it all works out – or not- come along to Eastwood Theatre this November!

Based on the 1988 film of the same name starring Michael Caine and Steve Martin, make sure you join us for for what will be our 100th show, in our 90th year! 

Tickets are priced from £14-£16 and can be booked here or you can avoid the booking fee and email tickets@theminervaclub.com.

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The story of Alan Turing, the breaker of the Enigma code which played such a vital role in the Allied victory in World War 2. This beautifully constructed drama chronicles, with sensitivity and humanity, the story of his fall from personal favourite of Churchill to convicted criminal, and his final lonely death.

This play is about who he was, what happened to him and why.

Tickets are £9 (concessions £8) from www.staffordgatehousetheatre.co.uk or 01785 619080

For more information check out www.staffordplayers.co.uk or follow on www.facebook.com/StaffordPlayers or Twitter@staffplayers
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Good Companions Stage Society present FOLLIES 


Music and Lyrics by STEPHEN SONDHEIM

Produced Originally on Broadway by Harold Prince

Orchestrations by Jonathan Tunic

By special arrangement with Cameron Mackintosh


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New Stagers' October play is Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen, Adapted by Richard Eyre, directed by Ian Pring


Dates: Tuesday 24 to Saturday 28 October 2017  (no Friday performance) – 7:30pm

Oswald, a young artist, returns to his home from Paris, carrying a hidden and deadly disease. His mother is opening an orphanage in memory of her late husband, a pillar of the community whose perversions were kept from public view. But the orphanage is uninsured and one of the builders is careless with matches…

Increasingly desperate, Oswald asks his mother to help him die when the time comes.

Ibsen’s play sparked moral outrage when it was first performed, and over 100 years later remains a visceral portrayal of the diseased side of the human condition.

Ghosts will be performed at the Colour House Theatre at Merton Abbey Mills, Wimbledon

07814 611239  email boxoffice@newstagers.co.uk


The Colour House Theatre Merton Abbey Mills, London SW19 2RD

ghosts poster
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Garden Suburb Theatre presents a play full of wit, intrigue, temptations… and the pitiless pursuit of POWER.

France, 1661. The young Louis XIV decides to take the reins of power to glorify France and himself. The court, however, is much happier with a king who dances and pursues his mistresses.


Book tickets at https://upstairsatthegatehouse.cloudvenue.co.uk/power

TICKETS £13/£11

Thursday 19th October 2017, 7:30pm
Friday 20th October 2017, 7:30pm
Saturday 21st October 2017, 7:30pm
Sunday 22nd October 2017, 4pm
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If you want to be able to audition for our next production ‘RENT’, you will need to be a member of the Southampton Musical Society. 

To become a member you will need to attend our next open audition event which will be held on Thursday 19 October 2017. 

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for further details. Please note this will be your ONLY opportunity to join the Society in time to audition for Rent - there won't be any additional auditions.
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Box office: sedos.co.uk

“Slowly I learnt the ways of humans: how to ruin, how to hate, how to debase, how to humiliate. And at the feet of my master I learnt the highest of human skills, the skill no other creature owns: I finally learnt how to lie.”

Childlike in his innocence but grotesque in form, Frankenstein's bewildered creature is cast out into a hostile universe by his horror-struck maker. Meeting with cruelty wherever he goes, the friendless Creature, increasingly desperate and vengeful, determines to track down his creator and strike a terrifying deal.

Urgent concerns of scientific responsibility, parental neglect, cognitive development and the nature of good and evil are embedded within this thrilling and deeply disturbing classic gothic tale.

Frankenstein was first presented at the National Theatre, London, on 5 February 2011, directed by Danny Boyle.


by NICK DEAR, based on the novel by MARY SHELLEY

Bridewell Theatre, Bride Lane, Fleet Street, London EC4Y 8EQ

17-21 October 2017 at 7.45pm, Saturday matinee at 2.45pm

Tickets £11.50-18.50

Box office: sedos.co.uk


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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Two con men, a beautiful woman and the elite of the French Riviera collide in this sexy and irreverent farce.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, based on the popular 1988 MGM film, takes us to the French Riviera for high jinks and hilarity. Sophisticated, suave with a good dash of mischief, this hysterical comedy features a delightfully jazzy score by David Yazbek (The Full Monty) and was nominated for a staggering eleven Tony Awards. Lawrence Jameson makes his lavish living by talking rich ladies out of their money. Freddy Benson more humbly swindles women by waking their compassion with fabricated stories about his grandmother's failing health. After meeting on a train, they attempt to work together, only to find that this small French town isn't big enough for the two of them. They agree on a settlement: the first one to extract $50,000 from a young female target, heiress, Christine Colgate, wins, and the other must leave town. A hilarious battle of cons ensues that will keep audiences laughing, humming and guessing to the end!
Tickets £17.50 / £14 concessions
Box Office: 023 8065 2333
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Ordinary Days
ORDINARY DAYS |  27-30 September 2017

Box office: sedos.co.uk

“Ordinary Days captures with stinging clarity that uneasy moment in youth when doubts begin to cloud hopes for a future of unlimited possibility." — Charles Isherwood, The New York Times”

From one of musical theatre's most exciting new composers comes Ordinary Days, a refreshingly honest and funny musical about making real connections in the city that never sleeps (but probably should at some point).

Ordinary Days tells the story of four young New Yorkers whose lives intersect as they search for fulfilment, happiness, love and cabs. Through a score of vibrant and memorable songs, their experiences ring startlingly true to life.

Ordinary Days is an original musical for anyone who's ever struggled to appreciate the simple things in a complex place. With equal doses of humour and poignancy, it celebrates how 8.3 million individual stories combine in unexpected ways to make New York City such a unique and extraordinary home.


BRIDEWELL THEATRE | 27-30 September 2017
27-30 September 2017 at 9pm, Saturday performance at 2.30pm and 7.30pm

Tickets £11.50-18.50

Box office: sedos.co.uk

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The Nether

by JENNIFER HALEY| 26-30 September 2017

Box office: sedos.co.uk


Another world for mythical creatures

Demon world

A dimension of evil or imagination

urban dictionary.com 

The internet has evolved into the Nether, a vast network of virtual reality realms. Users may log in, choose an identity, and indulge any desire. When Detective Morris investigates a realm called The Hideaway where people with a sexual interest in children may live out their fantasies involving children, she brings its creator in for interrogation. They discover they have made emotional attachments in his realm that blind them to the greater questions of ethical behaviour, both in the imagination and the outside world.


BRIDEWELL THEATRE | 26-30 September 2017

26-30 September 2017 at 7pm, Saturday performance at 5pm

Tickets £14-16

Box office: sedos.co.uk
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