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    Disaster Cast and The House of Fog May 2017
  2. Disaster Cast & The House of Fog

    'Disaster Cast' by Sarah James & Tim Dwelly Get a sneaky peek behind the scenes of this amateur dramatics group as they prepare for their first night's performance. Follow them in their trials and tribulations to see what could possibly go wrong. Well, technically two of the cast have gone missing, although the rest are fairly certain they know where at least one of them is, the props are all wrong, a director is in crisis and.............what is that smell? 'The House of Fog' by Peter Brammer This amateur production of 'The House of Fog' is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD A horror comedy like no other. Except for the other ones that are a bit like it. Timothy Rackonsfield is taking his northern fiancée, Lucy Lackenspiel, to Rackonsfield house to meet his parents. His mother tells Timothy about his father's fate and the curse placed on the house when he was a young boy. She introduces him to the mysterious Count Silvio who claims he can remove the curse and set the ghost of his father and the other spirits to rest Why doesn't timothy trust Count Silvio? Why is the ghost of Timothy's father so mean, and merely a voice over? Why has nobody heard of the Lackenspiels' 'famous' cow and hippo farm? Why is Timothy oblivious to Lucy's very pronounced accent? Why is the gardener feral? Why is he Hungarian? Why is there so much smoke everywhere? These are all questions you will want to ask when you enter 'THE HOUSE OF FOG'…a play not to be mist. A very funny spoof of the classic haunted house story

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