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Welcome to - The Social Network for Amateur Theatre

Welcome to - The Social Network for Amateur Theatre
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  1. Phil Cram wrote in the "Times & Star"on Friday 8th November 2011 - " The Playgoers know how to save the best for last. They are bringing down the curtain on 2011 with a production that echoes in full the acting genius of John Cleese and delivers on the cutting exuberance of his comedy scripts. From curtain up on The Builders to curtain down on the black farce of how to run a hotel while passing the dead and stiffening body of a guest from pillar to post, this is a three act production to rank with anything the Playgoers have produced for a generation. Ben Brinicombe in the John Cleese role of Basil Fawlty, the hotelier who turns sarcasm into an art form, has lost none of his mesmerising skills of five star characterisation and timing. This is comedy with a very British flavour- and if it doesn't have you wiping away the tears of mirth then there's not much that will. There is much to marvel at in the brilliant work of the rest of the cast and a word of special praise to 88 year old Geoff Hool, a Playgoers veteran of the best vintage who directed the show and who, with Morgan Sweeney adapted the original scripts."
  2. Plays, Concerts, Music Festivals Rehearsals are in progress for the second play of the season,"The Rise and Fall of Little Voice" by Jim Cartwright which is scheduled to play from 26th-30th April. The club was formed in 1935 and has had a fairly uninterrupted run in producing 5/6 plays each year except for one year during the second world war.However, it is not possible to rest on the proverbial laurels because of the current climate in the world of theatre. A nucleus of club members work tirelessly in keeping things buoyant and fund raising is at an all time high in order to fund refurbishment of the very old building. Last year saw the start of a new 'Forging Links' meeting with other likeminded organisations in the area, the object being, by working together and sharing ideas we can learn how to keep theatre live in these difficult times. Best wishes, Pat Brinicombe Contact Information Contact Address: Contact Telephone Number: 01900 812318 Website: NODA Region: North West Area Rehearsal Information: Mon/Wed/Fri. Set building Tues/Thurs. All at 7.30 Rehearsal Venue Theatre Royal, Washington Street, Workington Production Venue Theatre Royal as above
  3. Little Voice (LV) lives with her overpowering mother and spends her time in her bedroom listening to her late father's records. When her mother's latest "catch" - Ray Say the impresario - hears LV's voice he determines to exploit her but the rush for success breaks her and dashes Ray's hopes. Finally,however, she gains the courage to speak and sing. A funny, sentimental and occasionally savage play bursting with compassion and life. Couldn't find how to insert this in the calender. Production dates 26th. to 30th. April 2011. - The Social Network for Amateur Theatre

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