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  1. Anniversary Reh photo W2

    From the album The Anniversary by Bill Macllwraith

    From Left Vorriey Stewart Phil Lycett Gabrielle Ashmore
  2. Anniversary Reh W1

    From the album The Anniversary by Bill Macllwraith

    From left Vorriey Stewart Phil Lycett Dave Parton Simon Painter
  3. Same time everyday, Bert and Betty come for a snack....... http://t.co/nxIEjCAX

  4. My birthday present fom Mr W. Weekend in London and seeing this http://t.co/1vNkvzW4 Can't wait!!

  5. Thanks again for my birthday wishes folks :)

  6. Thank you for my Birthday wishes guys!! Am very lucky! Man...last year in my twenties *gulp*

  7. Off to see Stafford Players rehearse 'The Anniversary'. Wonder if I can stop myself from jumping on stage.....hmmmm

  8. Sitting in a waiting room........ waiting.........

  9. RT @UberFacts: Easily distracted people are more creative.

  10. Dad's party was a heavy one last night. Such a giggle seeing my family and spending time with Mr W. Time for tea and chocs.

  11. 4 hours and 45 mintues to go....not like am counting or anything!!

  12. RT @Jan_writes: @Kiwi_ChitChat In the now famous words of @Miss_Brice "I WAS HUNGRY!!!" (sorry Hayley!) LOL xx

  13. I love the acting group I belong too..."you merely don't belong to a secret sect dedicated to (cont) http://t.co/JU6HqTC9

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