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  1. Looking forward to panto season.... 

    1. Simon


      Oh no you're not!

  2. Helen

    How Can Amdram.net Help You?

    What are Commercial Advertisers?
  3. Just that really... curious!
  4. Helen

    How Can Amdram.net Help You?

    I've had a good look around the site over the weekend and I'm impressed! I don't think I can offer any advice at this point in time :)
  5. Helen

    Anyone got any tips for learning lines?

    I'd definitely agree with the "Repetition, Repetition, Repetition" advice but I guess the one thing that I would add is get your friends and family involved and make them do extra walkthroughs!
  6. Helen

    A Bunch Of Amateurs

    Great poster / flyer - Definitely nothing amateur about that!
  7. Helen

    SODS Productions

  8. Helen


    Great photos! - Definitely a professional photographer with a keen eye for detail!
  9. Helen

    How Can Amdram.net Help You?

    I'm going to give this some thought, I guess I'm not the best example of a visitor or supporter, given that I haven't visited for years! I've been busy with work and family and sometimes hobbies don't happen
  10. Helen

    And Then There Were None


    @Michael It's quite difficult to find your details on that link? - I searched for "Argyle Players" and there were no results - https://bathboxoffice.org.uk/whatson/?s=argyle+players Is there a better direct link :)
  11. Not been on here for a while! Thought I would make an effort!

  12. Interestingly, we have been looking at Singin' in the Rain and though it would be a good idea to ask everyone the following question:- Did you use "Real" rain? We're hoping that nobody thought it was appropriate to remove the roof of their theatre, we're more wondering whether or not you came up with an ingenious way of getting water on stage!
  13. I think it is a vast improvement! I think it's great that the services offered by this website are showcased in such a way, there are a lot of useful features
  14. Helen

    Amateur Stage Expo Cancelled

    Simon, Just wondered whether you had heard anything further regarding the Amateur Stage Expo? Did they take you up on your offer of support?

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