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  1. I have to make many paper cranes

  2. ...ok it really does need to cool. Nice and intact (thats how i measure success) ....but gloopy.

  3. Love a wonderful chance meeting

  4. "Wearing wigs and feeling different for a bit. Fun. Relaxation. Maybe even finding the characters who the wigs help create. Letting go. This not about cross-dressing. Just having fun."

  5. I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain

    I do actually rather like yoga and like to think i have half a brain.

    I would at midnight or on the dunes of the cape (anytime really, anywhere). I'm the love that you've looked for...

    Write to me and escape.

  6. "We've been waiting for u"

  7. It's actually been quite mild #fornovember

  8. #hashadanemailinvitinghimto "A rendezvous with Miss Santa"

  9. the packaging clearly states "sugared ring" whereas... upon opening... to my surprise... jam! someones smiling on your hero 2day #doughnuts

  10. Clearly im a nasty liar who the world would be better off without

  11. Maybe it will be different tommorrow

  12. let us never play that piece again...

  13. Hey... I can go clubbing...

  14. i can play the muppets on the trumpet so im not that impressed... #lordmayorsshow nice outfits tho, i dont have those...

  15. I know a lot of Peters

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